Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Growth in the Global F&B Market

Finding Pockets of Growth in the Global F&B Market

The global food industry has seen steady yet slow growth for many years, forcing companies to seek new opportunities in a low growth environment. What is widely accepted though is that pockets of growth can still be found in a generation of innovators, whether they deal in traditional products...
The Plant Cafe Organic logo

Interview With An Owner: The Plant Cafe Organic

Motivated by the results he and his family saw after a health retreat, Matthew Guelke joined forces with Mark Lewis to create the Plant Café to provide clean food made with 100% organic ingredients.
Benchmarking In Exports

Benchmarking In Exports

A company who wants to enter successfully a new market has to communicate clearly its unique selling points in order to get the attention of potential partners. This cannot be done based on vague estimations, but in relation to the existing competition in the target market. The...
Exports To Europe

Exports To Europe

Markets within Europe may show a high level of saturation, with tough competition and little dynamism and yet, Europe to date still offers significant business opportunities for producing SMEs. While companies embark on their journey to explore these opportunities, the most significant and unexpected...
retail exports

Export to Retail Channels – The Challenge

For many FMCG products the most important channel in the foreign markets is the retail channel, as in many markets the super market chains are controlling more than 80% of the total business volume. Most of the companies which focus their export efforts on...

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