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golden jewel honey

Fragiadakis – Golden Jewel Honey

When hearing the phrase “meditteranean diet” what are the products that first spring to mind? Olive oil and honey, both of which consist a mainstay in agricultural production of Crete, the largest Greek island.

Liepouris – Vineyards in Athens

The history of vineyards and wine production in Attica traces its roots back in antiquity. According to Greek mythology, God Dionysus visited Attica and...
premium olive oil

Gold Metamorphosis – More than 700 years, premium olive oil

Homer, the greatest Greek poet in recorded history and author of the epics Iliad and Odyssey, referred to olive oil as “liquid gold”. Hippocrates,...
Canned tomatoes

Valgri – When quantity befriends quality

Valgri today boasts a wide range of products from canned tomatoes and cherry tomatoes and legumes up to the typical Campania’s products. The quality...
Organic olive oil

Eleokarpos – Organically linked to the land

“If you completely disassemble Greece, at the end you will see that what you are left with is an olive tree, a grapevine and...

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