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dittany healing herbs

The Apokoronian Origins – Healing Herbs

Cretan dittany has been renowned since antiquity for its medicinal properties, prescribed by the father of medicine Hippocrates himself and mentioned favorably for its beneficial attributes on health by Aristotle. Native only to the Cretan mountains, it grows in mountainsides and gorges and is also known as “erotas”, greek for cupid's love, as only the most ardent young would...
gold croquettes

Tanis Foods – Cheese in a delicious way

Vegans strike gold! Since veggie croquettes are usually rather basic flavour-wise, you can really play around with them to make totally different results every time you make them. “Tanis Foods” spares you the trouble. Catering to the needs of people whose diet restricts them from enjoying mouthwatering dishes, such as cheese balls, comes a truly unique product. “Gold Croquettes”...
Italian olive oil-mia poesia my poetry

Mia Poesia – Olive oil excellence since 1899

My Poetry EVO ... Our Oil is born in the Az. Agr. Raffaeli 1899: already in the houses of the Raffaeli family for about 120 years, it is a 100% Monocultivar Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a structured and sensitive character, with its intense fruity and very low acidity. To this firstborn we have combined a further wonderful EVO...
Liepouris-white dry wine

Liepouris – The Wine King Of Attica

“The king of wines” they call it and rightly so. The historic white dry wine variety of Savvatiano is native to Mesogeia region of Attica in Greece and among the most cultivated in the local vineyards, while also being awarded the status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Verginis – Satisfaction guaranteed

Kefalotyri or kefalotiri is a hard, salty cheese made from sheep's milk or goat's milk, or even both, in Greece and Cyprus. Depending on the mixture of milk used in the process, the color can vary between yellow and white. A very hard salted cheese, kefalotyri is refined for at least three months and can be consumed as is,...

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