Wednesday, November 13, 2019

About GFW Magazine

“Better food, better life”…That’s our motto!

Fine Foods are more than just a product category or even a trendy lifestyle choice; they are akin to a new philosophy on life. Fine foods mean quality, health and social responsibility, in most cases producers being food lovers themselves.
This is the true reason behind Global Food World Magazine’s motto: Better food, better life!

GFW Magazine doesn’t claim to be a full-fledged news portal on the global F&B market. However, we do strive to be a platform for all interested people, from professionals to individual consumers and fine food lovers all over the world, presenting to them interesting and innovative products from all over the world.

At GFW Magazine,
People Always Have An Interesting Story To Tell

In a time and age of globalized economy, fine food brands, always have an interesting story to tell. At Global Food World Magazine we feel committed to discover and share these stories with you, presenting food makers and food professionals providing insights about new and trends in fine foods.

To A World Of Selective Taste & Life

The ultimate joy of fine foods is strongly connected to the places where you experience them like beautiful holiday destinations and selective gourmet restaurants. We love discovering for you such places!

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We are open to your story, either you are a producer, blogger, expert or just a food lover, interested to share with our community news, ideas and experiences in the world of fine foods!
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