Vantana tsipouro

Vantana – Tsipouro The Greek Grappa

Tsipouro is a traditional Greek pomace brandy, made with a thousand different flavors and combinations across the country. The Cretans have even given it a distinct name; they call it “tsikoudia”. Tsipouro is a...
Arosis giant beans from Prespes

Arosis – Greek Giant Beans From Prespes

Giant beans from Prespes lakes in Macedonia of Northern Greece are a native variety of high quality, thin-skinned and very easy to prepare product, due to their short boiling time, that has been cultivated...


Eat Your Way Across Italy

Planning a trip to Italy is half about the history and beauty and half about the food. Enjoying everything that Italian cuisine has to...



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artemision walnut farm

Investment Opportunity Artemision Walnut Farm Greece

Artemision Agriculture SA is the leading Greek organic walnut producer and trader. Family-owned since inception in 2005, located on the Artemision plain of Northern Evia facing...
drink trends

The Latest Drink Trends For 2020

Drinks trends never stand still and innovation seems to continue space. Mixologist at The Really Great Brand Company, Marson Strydom shares the latest trends...
Organic food

Food Trends 2020 And Beyond

Industry press, blogs and social media are always full of predictions about what consumers will be looking for in their food and drink products...
greek food

Investing In Greek Food & Agriculture

Greek food and agriculture have traditionally been one of the major export sectors for Greece, with a strong presence in the European and a...