red dry wine

Liepouris – Red Wine Not Merely A Drink, But A Medicine

Red wine has been studied extensively and evidence suggests that moderate consumption may help people live longer, protect against certain cancers, improve mental health, and enhance heart health. Millenia ago, wine was used to...
verginis - graviera cheese

Verginis – Graviera Cheese From Crete

Graviera is a cheese produced in various parts of Greece, mostly in the islands of Crete, Lesbos and Naxos, but also in western mainland Greece in Amfilochia. It is not to be confused with...


Eight Steps To Dining Out Like A Local In Spain

Whether you have been in Spain three years like me or just three weeks, understanding and adapting to the Spanish dining culture can be...



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drink trends

The Latest Drink Trends For 2020

Drinks trends never stand still and innovation seems to continue space. Mixologist at The Really Great Brand Company, Marson Strydom shares the latest trends...
export pitch communicate with customers

The Export Pitch

The first communication with potential customers for your exports is a complex process and for sure not a matter of sending just...
Dairy industry

Dairy’s Possible Renaissance

Before COVID-19 occurred, the dairy industry was arguably struggling with its image and its focus. A growing number of consumers found themselves hesitant to...
emmanouel margaritis

Exports of small food producers – challenges and opportunities

What are the main barriers for small f&b producers to develop exports? One main barrier of course is the money, as exports require a minimum...