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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


So2Go-remove preservatives from drinks

So2Go – Just The Drink, No Preservatives

One of the main concerns for consumers nowadays is the use of preservatives in food products. Although a necessary evil sometimes, still that does not alleviate people's fears on the danger they might represent...
Gramar products

Gramar – Authentic taste of Sicily

The decision of the company GRAMAR - Delizie Siciliane to undertake this activity in a more incisive way arises not only from the desire to resurface and regain traditions inherited over time but also...


The Food and Cooking of England

English food at its best is hearty, simple, delicious fare, developed to fuel an empire that influenced the rest of the world. English cooking...


Good enough to eat? The toxic truth about modern food

Pick a bunch of green grapes, wash it, and put one in your mouth. Feel the grape with your tongue, observe how cold and...


The Plant Cafe Organic logo

Interview With An Owner: The Plant Cafe

Motivated by the results he and his family saw after a health retreat, Matthew Guelke joined forces with Mark Lewis to create the Plant Café to provide clean food made with 100% organic ingredients.
emmanouel margaritis

Exports of small food producers – challenges and opportunities

What are the main barriers for small f&b producers to develop exports? One main barrier of course is the money, as exports require a minimum...


artemision walnut farm
Artemision Agriculture SA is the leading Greek organic walnut producer and trader. Family-owned since inception in 2005, located on the Artemision plain of Northern Evia facing the island of Skiathos and the wind-swept Mount Olympus to the NE, it nourishes and harvests 1,150 organic walnut trees as well as a good number...
Growth in the Global F&B Market
The global food industry has seen steady yet slow growth for many years, forcing companies to seek new opportunities in a low growth environment. What is widely accepted though is that pockets of growth can still be found in a generation of innovators, whether they deal in traditional products...


Traditional Spanish Gazpacho

Wash and dry all of the vegetables very well—if you prefer to peel the tomatoes you can, although I usually leave the skin on.Cut...